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    Single people have
    Single people have become more and more mainstream Newport 100 Cigarettes. For most people, instead of choosing the wrong person, they have a bad an...
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    I had a drink, my
    I had a drink, my head was hot, and I was a little drunk. I put down my glass and thought about the wine that has been bothering me for years, my wo...
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    The humble cottage
    The humble cottage was very dim in the evening, but it was a little scary. After dinner, I took the initiative to pick up the dishes to wash. After ...
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    Add a certain length
    Add a certain length of thread and rotate it for a week to become a wonderful figure - round. Inside the circle is a world, and outside the circle i...
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    My math teacher is a
    My math teacher is a female teacher, she is surnamed Li. Her teaching method is very different from other teachers, so I called her "weird teacher."...