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The Division 2 Boosting was the fanboi

If Division 2 Boosting were going to quit making the game a RPG game they should have started like that instead of waiting almost a year then fucking any one who plays as a tank over just to attempt to appease idiots who purchased an RPG then bitched about it being an RPG. . .like they are more mentally handicapped than a kid with downsyndrom. However, im very on the fence...I liked the branch but until I see gear and how stats perform....idk...

I stopped playing after everyone started glitching in the dark zone and also took advantage of getting all the"mint" (highest gear in the time I played) but attached a grey pistol and gloves so that the get rated with the not one cheaters but using all the highest stat gear. Got boring then. The Division 2 Boosting was the fanboi about the first one, preordered the version available and even some items like the book that went with it. Loved it and played a lot and Got the Platinum trophy and then the waive of glitches came and every none cuck took good advantage of that and then only killed the match. Haven't played since.

Then they got tanks like me eliminated from the division 1 ruining the game by removing a course...I couldn't play anymore since I was maximum degree but after that fucking update before the pvp capture modes where they nerfed health and dmg reduction maxes....they didn't compensate me by moving the stats to dmg or encourage. . .it cut the stat down. . .Like seriously? My Max amount armor is worse than lvl 15 armor? Fucking bs...I had 150,000 dmg. . .the same in service and 500,000 health after the update.Before it though I had that dmg and support but nearly 3x that in wellbeing and a dmg mitigation of 75%. Following the patch tho dmg mitigation maxed at 30 and that I some how was stuck at 25... So idk how the fuck I finished up 5 points less than max when I was maxed on mitigation.



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