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My math teacher is a

My math teacher is a female teacher, she is surnamed Li. Her teaching method is very different from other teachers, so I called her "weird teacher."oon as I was in the fifth grade, I was ready to take on a lot of work. Who knows that on the first day of class, the math teacher only left three calculation questions. I don't think it is strange to leave these homework on the first day of school Marlboro 100'S Carton. Just starting school, of course, can not stay a lot, the hard days are still behind. A month has passed, and I know that the homework is still a little bit. I can't hold my breath, my heart pounds straight: I am in the fifth grade. Which student is not a "head cantilever, a cone?" Can it be so easy? question left by Teacher Li is also strange. Once, during the verification, I accidentally found that a problem can be solved in two ways, and I handwritten it down. Unexpectedly, the next day, the teacher walked into the classroom with red light, and the beautiful big eyes laughed into a seam. She said: "The outstanding performance of this assignment is Qiang Qiang and Zhou Yanan." The teacher went on to say: "Learning must be positive thinking, use flexible methods, and actively discover problems!" My cola is broken. From then on, whenever I do math problems, I will pay attention to whether there are other ways to solve each problem Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. It is also strange to say that the teacher's questions can be solved in two ways. Even Malone, who has never loved to write homework, no longer sighs and sighs. At this time, we have done work, and it has become a kind of happiness from a burden. There is a way to blame the teacher. After half a semester, the grades of our class have risen. Even people who don't like to learn, like crazy, like this homework. We were happy when we saw the teacher coming into the door; we were excited when we listened to the math class. How is Li so "very powerful"?y eyes, this teacher is a veritable "weird" teacher.omment] Such a strange teacher should really be more good. First, she does not engage in sea tactics. Second, each question has a variety of solutions, which can not only cultivate students' habits of diligence, but also reduce the burden on students. The author is also a geek, writing is not a clich��. He did not write how the teacher worked overtime, but started from the teacher's unusual situation. Is the teacher written in this way very unforgettable?view teacher: Jia Yi) (This article won the first prize of the second ��Time and Space Cup�� Xinjiang Elementary School Composition Competition.) Come and listen, her Mandarin with Chengdu tastes, and the students laughed. You still don't know, this is an art teacher who has just transferred, surnamed Chen. Her head is not tall, and she has long hair that is many and long. A pair of sly eyes, always looking for something, never stopped. Teacher Chen may want to observe more clearly. She wears a pair of small glasses and looks very learned.t makes me most memorable is the first art class of the semester. Speaking of this, you may not think that there will be any strange things. The teacher is nothing more than a self-introduction, then let us draw a picture and learn about each other. But this teacher Chen is different. She went into the classroom wearing a very brightly colored dress. Then she looked at Xiqiao in the east. Suddenly she found a wall like the New World and asked us: "Who said? What color is this?" We looked at Teacher Chen inexplicably, thinking: This is probably a question for the 3-year-old child Marlboro 100S Cartons Us. Is it that we got it wrong? Otherwise, the teacher is going to the wrong place! "How come no one answered?" Although the teacher was still asking with a smile Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, she could see that her face had a disappointing expression. We replied in unison: "White!" Such a naive question Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, actually let the teacher sneer, with a mysterious color, whispered to us: "Think carefully." The teacher said so, obviously We made a mistake, how can we? The whole class had to shake their heads slightly and listen to the teacher quietly. Teacher Chen first let a classmate wearing blue color clothes stand in front of the wall and said, "Let's take a good look, what color is there besides white?" "Blue!" We guessed. Teacher Chen smiled a little and nodded. He said, "If a classmate wearing yellow clothes is standing here, you think about it, what color is there on the wall?" Hey, I understand that the wall is affected by the color of other objects. Any object is the same, its color is not simple. At the same time, I also know why Teacher Chen has asked the so-called childish problem. Then she told us about many interesting things she had encountered. In the bursts of laughter, I learned a lot and the teaching principles of Teacher Chen.h lesson, Teacher Chen will use different ways to attract us, making people feel more intimate and feel that she is inscrutable, because no one knows that this strange teacher will have a strange trick!
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    My math teacher is a
    My math teacher is a female teacher, she is surnamed Li. Her teaching method is very different from other teachers, so I called her "weird teacher."...