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JerryHoops Jul 22, 01:56AM

Curly Hair can be charming and versatile, and it's perfect for people who want to refresh up their looks but being afraid of undesirable results. Curly weave hair hair is a classic hair texture, and it fits most people's style and it's suitable for many different occasions.

And the first thing we need to do is to define the pattern of our curly hair or your curly wigs and curly hair bundles. It's effortless for us to tell the difference between curly hair and straight hair. But defining a curly hair type requires some tips.

There are some most popular curly hair types:

1. Loose Curl

This type of curl presents the loose wave hair strand ripples with soft waves and is often more flatter at the crown than its ends. The loose curl appears to close to be straight hair when it gets wet. Anyway, the shape of this kind of curl is more like a relaxing "S". And for wigs and hair bundles, body wave hair and water wave hair are the favorites of many wig lovers.

2. Tight Curl

The tight curl tends to twists into small ringlets, and it resembles corkscrews. This type of hair is vulnerable to breakage and frizz, so how you take care of your wigs plays a role in styles. And the tighter the curl, the more conscious cares the wigs need.

3. Classic Curl

This curl type is considered to be uniform curly hair with a consistent and steady "S" pattern. 

4. Coily Curly

When we look at the coily hair, we can see the "Z" type from roots to the ends. Because of the tight curl, the length of actual hair may shrink up. It is necessary for you to pay more attention to the length of the wigs. And this type of hair is more delicate and so needs to be cared for properly.

Anyway, knowing the types of your curly hair can be helpful before you buying wigs or making plans for your hair care routine. For wig beginners or just too tired to spend time on maintenance, there are pre-colored, pre-styled, pre-plucked, and glueless virgin hair wigs for you to choose from. As for those ones who prefer to leave the hairstyle for a stylist or salon, it's also advisable to familiarize what kinds of curl you want to have on your way to a stylist or hair store