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Fogingsam Mar 15, 01:33AM
A bunch Knights in shining armor that came together and trust each other simply because the watch in their arm, and follow orders from a helpless dude that cries for democracy whilst what's falling apart? Where is my character that builds trust and raises trough the ranks of a new business, where would be the challenging choices, the wicked morals, and the demand for success, the fight for electricity, the internal battle between the old world and the new universe opportunities??

I got to the Personal Beta and I can certainly say that both main gameplay and endgame articles were balanced beautifully. The new Armor mechanic replaces the healing system and can not only be abused like TThe Division 2's health either, so there is a lot more focus on tactical positioning and teamwork. You now take time to substitute armor instead of immediately take medkits. Enemies are not as spongy since they were like in TThe Division 2 pre-1.6, therefore their time to kill is nice later on... and their AI's even more ruthless. They flank way more frequently today, and you really need to get prepared for that.

The motion isn't a improvement.... For individuals who played with The Section 1 because of the story and the general feeling this game might be an improvement. But pvp and hardcore pve players won t like this game...

Single player or dual player campaign and narrative felt very similar in design to the original to me since you stated (I have just under 4k hours on The Division 1), however the endgame felt quite crappy. Hell, in narrative mode leveling towards endgame the NPCs still get after esp 4th player and the 3rd combine. The bullet spongy feel was just amplified from the first Black Tusk mission from the closed beta. I don't anticipate there to be anything different in the open beta in any way. This is a chance to hype it up more and try and sell more copies. I believe its a strong improvement over the first so far but there are still a lot of bugs that they need to exercise and that I can not help but feel there's some laziness in there when you see that the EXACT SAME BUG in Division 2 Boosting which has been in Division 1. I also expect they're adding more specializations because the 3 we have offered are less than striking. Demo. Survivalist, sniper? Come on. That's like TF2 with soldier just a medic, and scientist.

EA is awful since Anthem has been hurried to be outside on schedule.

The pass to perform their matches for a short quantity of time without needing to cover them has been done by microsoft (it worked for Sea of thieves by way of example).And the free content following release is not new at all either. EA's lootboxe system has made games fail (Battlefront two ), so they're not doing it again. They do the ubisoft failed with Rainbow six or as blizzard siege and Overwatch. But with material overall and no promise that it will continue on year 2. (And, the a private guess, however I believe that the"free stuff" for the first year are
The Division 2 Phoenix Credits that should have been at the bottom game but have been stretched out because of a lack of development time).